Centuries ago in the Provence of Mongolia the Mighty Khan’s hunting parties would camp on the great river Khab-Balik. After many days devoted to hunting, the hunters would gather in droves to celebrate their successes. Communing in banquet style pavilions the hunters would prepare a feast from meats  and vegetables gathered from surrounding areas and meats from the hunt. The Mongols would use their razor sharp swards to slice the meats and vegetables into bite sized portions. Using their overturned shields heated to intense temperatures over a blazing fire the hunters would cook their food in stir-fry fashion.

The Kublai Khan would gather his fieriest warriors high above on a hill overlooking the celebration to enjoy the same food prepared for him on a large roaring hot griddle. With these ancient traditions in mind we bring you the world’s  least known and most original dining experience, Mongolian Barbecue.


You create your own delicious and healthy stir-fried entree’ from a selection of fresh meats, vegetables and noodles. Add from a variety of house made sauces your customized combination of flavors to your taste. Once prepared hand your bowl to one of our worriers to cook for you on our Mongolian Grill.


We a Bend Mongolian Barbecue are very health conscious. Our mission is to use only the freshest locally sourced vegetables and meats. We offer a variety of noodles to meet the needs of those patrons who choose gluten free diets or who prefer whole wheat. We use no preservatives or food additives, keeping our offerings natural and nutritious.

The use of high heat cooking combined with the goal to prepare your meal Al dente’ maintains the nutritional value of your meal.

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